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Alone on Valentine's Day This Year? Not Sure Why?

So Valentine's Day has once again come and gone. To a lot of singles, it was just another Tuesday... or so they say. And they try to make themselves believe it. There is no doubt it still gets to people when they try to contact one of their buddies or girlfriends and they are out romancing or being romanced. So why not you? Even though you "do not care." You have a job, pay your bills. You are somewhat responsible, and when you look in the mirror, it's not that bad. What is the deal? So you ...

New Orleans Trends: Some benefits for buyers and sellers

For most of the year, the New Orleans area has seen a steady
real estate market defined by increasing statistics. Some of the impressive
numbers have been the increase in sale prices. This increase in sales has
stretched all around the area, including homes from both the East and West
banks seeing greater sale prices in 2011.

A rise in overall sales has also been on the horizon in the New Orleans Real Estate market. With the
whole area market in mind, a 21 percent sales increase ...

What to Expect in the New Year
By Jared
January 11, 2011

For starters, sales in New Orleans. You can finally start closing houses (case by case still of course) but should be up running 100% any day now. So you should see a peak in New Orleans home sales soon for sure.

Expect higher intrest rates from the record lows we had this past year in 2010. With home sales on a rise you can see banks wanting to also capitalize on that.

You may even expect foreclosures to stay on a high level but this year may be a little different. Banks may be more willing to ...

Ain't No City Like New Orleans

Ain't no City Like New Orleans... this is true in many ways. When Earl King created this song, he talked about the food, charm and character of this city that makes it so beautiful. All this is very true for the outside world... but what about the people who live here? Think they feel the same way? Let's analyze...

Just in the last month let's go through what we know has been going on. Since I am a ...

Have you Bought a Foreclosed Home in the Past 3 Years???
By Jared
October 19, 2010

With the past freeze on foreclosures from the major banks and the moratorium on these foreclosures have caused a lot of hype. You will see these foreclosures coming back on the market as soon as the next week but this does not mean the issues stop here.

Did you buy a foreclosed home in the past 3 Years? If so better check your Title Insurance Policy! You can count on these past owners making claims on these foreclosures and you need to check and be sure your Title Policy protects you. If you didn't get a Title Policy&...