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My name is Jared Fousch, and I'm Realtor with Mirambell Realty in the Greater New Orleans area. I've lived in NOLA my entire life never leaving or missing a beat. I love working with the people who live and work here. I love what New Orleans has to offer, from the food, music, culture, Saints, and so much more!

After spending 8 years in engineering with my heart in Real Estate, I made a full-time switch to do what I love and what I know the best. I love to help people buy a home or an investment property and teach them how to do it as a safe and secure long-term decision. When it comes to selling it takes knowledge and strategy, and I have both to get the job done.  

If you are like many Americans and have fallen into a financial situation due to the economy, you may need help finding a solution. Getting out of your home and from under your mortgage takes a special and extremely knowledgeable Realtor. Foreclosures and Short-Sales are my specialty. I study banks and their trends to keep up with the methods in which they handle their loans and foreclosures. This changes often and takes a concentrated and patient Realtor to be successful, and that Realtor is me. I handle Short-Sales on a daily basis and have the knowledge to get you through these difficult times.

Whether buying, selling, or handling Short-Sales, I'm the guy to call. 504-722-2691
Or if you just want to know where to eat, hang out, and enjoy the city, you can call me for that, too!

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