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Alone on Valentine's Day This Year? Not Sure Why?

So Valentine's Day has once again come and gone. To a lot of singles, it was just another Tuesday... or so they say. And they try to make themselves believe it. There is no doubt it still gets to people when they try to contact one of their buddies or girlfriends and they are out romancing or being romanced. So why not you? Even though you "do not care." You have a job, pay your bills. You are somewhat responsible, and when you look in the mirror, it's not that bad. What is the deal? So you just sit home with your roommate and complain to them over a Playstation game or dvr'ed Grey's Anatomy, not realizing that this could be the reason! A roommate! Or even more specifically, you renting with a roommate! Sounds crazy right? It could be as simple as: JUST GO BUY YOUR OWN HOME!

According to one of Trulia's latest surveys, home owners find a lot more dates than renters! Out of 1,000 singles more than a third of women and 18% of men would rather date a homeowner than a renter. Not only do potential dates prefer you own your own home, but 62% say they prefer if you lived alone and not with a roommate!

If you are feeling the hardships of the economy and moved back in with the parents, less than 5% of singles said they would consider dating you (which means 95% said they wouldn't consider it)!

This all may be something to think about for next Valentine's Day...