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Ain't No City Like New Orleans

Ain't no City Like New Orleans... this is true in many ways. When Earl King created this song, he talked about the food, charm and character of this city that makes it so beautiful. All this is very true for the outside world... but what about the people who live here? Think they feel the same way? Let's analyze...

Just in the last month let's go through what we know has been going on. Since I am a Real Estate guy let's start there. We have accomplished one of the lowest foreclosure ratings and maintained our property values better than most other states. The crazy thing is we are not just dealing with a bad economy but also a bad government, and bad business. We kept our values through Katrina, BP Oil, and now with the idiots in the Mortgage and Conveyance office. We are one of the few cities actually doing transactions in real estate and someone had to ruin this. I don't believe enough attentions has been brought to this and I think I know why.

It's the same reason that government officials and "known" people in the city are not paying their property and/or business taxes and have received no punishment for this. Millions are owed to this city, the same city looking to hike up tax millage cause' we broke! Right! The same city that fills the pockets of crooks, and the same city that is ran by crooks. The same city that awards contracts to crooks, which are never fulfilled, yet they are paid for. The same city that has a failure in their city water system and does not alert anyone for over 10 hours! Water was shut off on a busy Friday night, and then we have to boil our water for days after... where else does this stuff happen? When will this ever be fixed?

No one knows... The things I listed happened in just one month’s time and nothing has been done to fix this. Imagine the things I could list over years, and the things over years that still have not been fixed.

So yes.... Ain't No City Like New Orleans